It has suddenly become so much easier to travel to the Gilis. With the advent of the fast boat services from Bali guests can easily include a visit to our tiny islands within their itinerary without the stress of worrying about how to get here and how long it will take.

BY SEA (from Bali)

Island Getaway

The Narooma drops guests here on the beach on Gili Air. With daily departures from Benoa, near Sanur, the crossing takes around 2 hours to Gili Air. Telephone or fax (+62) 361 762604, or email
Price is rp660.000 on way.

Island Express

Operates to a timetable in high season only just now, departs from Amed and takes one hour to cross to Gili Air. Right now I have no more information on this service, but come April May they should be advertising their service.

Gili Cat

The Gili Cat, is a fast catamaran which crosses from Padang Bai to Teluk Kode on Lombok. The Cat takes 1 hour 20 minutes to cross to Teluk Kode and costs rp660.000 per person one way. Teluk Kode is a beautiful sandy bay and from here you can easily charter a local outrigger boat for the short hop over to Gili Air.  The charter price is rp175.000 which you could share with any other guests traveling to Gili Air.  The crossing to Gili Air takes 15 minutes. Contact

Blue Water Safaris

Blue Water Safaris departs daily from Benoa harbour near Sanur and transfer time is 2 hours to Gili Air and costs rp695.000 per person one way.

Perama Express

Daily departure from Padang Bai at 1pm, crosses directly to the Gilis. Takes about 6 hours to Gili Air.
Book in advance at any Perama office around Bali to include bus transfers to Padang Bai. Contact

Public Ferry – Shuttle bus route

The cheapest way to get to the Gilis! The ferry leaves from Padang Bai and crosses to Lembar harbour on Lombok every two hours, 24/7 and takes 4 hours. You can buy inclusive bus/ferrry tickets from travel agents around Bali. The price from Kuta Bali is around rp175.000 all the way to Gili Air. You must catch the 9am ferry from Padang Bai to get you here by 4.30pm, if you catch a later ferry you will have to stay one night on Lombok as Bangsal harbour closes around 5pm.


From Depasar airport in Bali, flights take 25 mins to Mataram airport on Lombok and there are several airlines flying daily. Prices vary but one way tickets cost around rp400.000 per person. Once on Lombok the transfer time from the airport to Gili Air is 1hour 15 minutes. We can organise your transfer from Mataram airport to Coconuts - please ask for details.

If you need to book your domestic flight before arriving in Indonesia check out this website for PTA (prepaid ticket advice) information and timetables for domestic flights.

There is also the possibility to fly directly into Lombok from Singapore 3 times per week with Singapore Airlines and there are also connections via Kuala Lumpur directly into Lombok.



This can be a strange and confusing harbour for the independent traveler as there are many touts selling the same tickets at various prices. The best option is to head straight to the boat ticket office which is situated right on the beach to the left of the harbour. A one way ticket to Gili Air on the public boat costs Rp8.000. There is no timetable for the public boat. It will depart when there are 20 passengers’ names on the list. Put your name on the list at the ticket office and await the announcement of the departure time over the loudspeaker.

Shuttle Boat

This is the boat that transfers the guests arriving by shuttle bus from around Lombok and Bali. It leaves around 10am and again around 4pm. This is a good option if you are in the harbour when it is due to leave so always ask about it if there are only a couple of names on the public boat list. A one way ticket on the shuttle boat costs Rp26.000.

Porters and horsecart drivers in Bangsal work independently and this is their sole income. If you would like the porters to take your bags, or if you want to take the horsecart up to the terminal on your return journey, then have the money ready for them to see as often there can be a communication problem. I would recommend paying the porters Rp 2.000 per bag and the horsecart drivers Rp5.000 per person to the terminal.

Once on Gili Air a horsecart to Coconut should cost Rp 40.000 for two people with lugguage. Make sure you agree the price before you get on!

Airline and Shuttle bus tickets, Komodo Boat Trips, Rinjani Treks and day trips around Lombok can all be arranged through tour operators on Gili Air at the correct prices. There is no need to feel pressured into buying return tickets in Bangsal. Also most items of necessity can be bought around the island.

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